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Finding the club

Once you have arrived at Pall Mall, turn into Waterloo Place and the Club is at the junction of these two roads. If you are still unsure, look up and all about you until you see the building with the gold statue of Athena on the balcony over the columned entrance doorway … and that’s the Athenaeum!

107 Pall Mall, St James's,
London SW1Y 5ER

+44 (0)207 930 4843 |

Dress Code

At most times, men are asked to wear a jacket, collar and tie, and women to dress with equivalent formality.

At breakfast only, men are excused jackets and ties.

Religious, traditional or formal national dress and service dress uniforms are permitted.

Members and their guests may wear soft shoes in muted shades that are not designed for sports.

Denim and sportswear are not allowed at any time.


Use of mobile phones is limited to the telephone box in the Front Hall, apart from silent consultation in public areas except for the Coffee Room (or Garden Room during meals).

Location filming

Contact us if would like information on using our Club as a filming location.